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Chestnut Room 2-3 years

Forest school techniques
Outdoor learning
Homely environment
Educational experience through play

Children have access to sand, water, craft, mark making, construction, role play, small world, mathematical, books and sensory activities in the room.

Our activities will be both led by adult and child, we will look at topics of learning but if your child finds something that they are more interested in our staff or trained to be child lead but to offer an educational experience through play while keeping your child engaged with each activity.

Children will be supported to develop skills such as sharing, taking turns and manners, which will be an integral part of their daily routine. We have introduced a product called Nanna’s Manna’s to our dining room. These specially designed children’s knives and folks can only be held correctly and are shaped to fit small hands and encourage the use of them. Here at Barwick Day Nursery, we think they are the best and our children soon learn how to hold a knife and fork properly.

Our children are introduced more into the natural learning techniques of Forest school and making use of the outdoor area we have along with the playing field and park across the road. Mixing both traditional and Forest school learning we can look at each child’s individual learning technique with allows us to make the right choices for them when they move up to our Forest Pre-school at the Methodist Church Tuesday to Thursday we cater for our preschool children Monday and Friday at the Nursery offering a fun-packed day of learning and discovering.