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Forest Pre-School Leeds

Enhance learning and develpment through outdoor play and choice
Outdoor learning
Den making, hunting for mini-beasts and mud and clay sculptures
Every day is a learning adventure

Our forest pre-school setting

Barwick Forest pre-school Leeds is located in the heart of Barwick-in-Elmet. 
“Den making, hunting for mini-beasts and mud and clay sculptures along with other experiences are a daily occurrence for us here at Barwick Forest Pre-school and are offered all year round, enabling children to experience the seasonal changes and respect for their natural environment”
“Forest School complements the early year's curriculum and allows young children to be outdoors whilst developing life skills at such a young age through engaging with nature.”

We offer our children a hybrid of natural, prolonged outdoor learning in a safe and supportive natural woodland environment and equally, within our wonderful preschool room. This is an inspirational process that offers our children regular opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self-esteem as well as communication, respect for others and their environment through hands-on learning experiences. The Forest pre-school approach encourages children to develop holistically and at their own natural pace.

Our youngest learners are introduced to the outdoor environment too, encouraging the development of gross motor skills, interaction with nature and paving the way for their forest pre-school journey as they progress through our provision.

“Our hybrid approach shapes our children’s long-term health, happiness and growth, development and learning, that prepares them for school, family and in the community. The learning has a massive impact on life in general and provides then with the life skills they will need.”

During each session we provide stimulating experiences for the children and each child can progress through them at their own rate but at the same time our activities change to fit with what our children are interested in and we adapt to suit their interests and find ways to enhance their learning through their interests, igniting their interests and motivation. Every day is a learning adventure with Barwick Forest Pre-school Leeds.

We supply our children with waterproof essentials to ensure their experience is the best we can provide and just ask that parents provide wellies and layered clothing for the season/weather.

Forest School originated from Scandinavia and was developed in the UK in the mid-’90s to support the Early Years education for young children. The far-reaching benefits of play in the outdoor environment have been well documented and studied for hundreds of years, with many educational principles we use today being based on the work of theorists such as Froebel, Rousseau, Pestalozzi and McMillan.