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Acorn room - 3 months plus

Dedicated baby room
Outdoor learning
Homely environment
Separate room within the nursery for sleeping

Our Acorn room: Is designed for only 6 babies with up to 3 staff to make your baby feel like they are home from home and as close to the attention and environment they would get at home.
The room was designed for young babies and we are proud to offer such an amazing experience for your child. They will receive so much attention but at the same time experience being with other children. The ultimate Private Daycare we can offer.

Our babies have the whole room to discover specifically designed areas to enhance their learning and development, such as a cosy area where the children can look at books and listen to stories and most importantly snuggle up. We have a designated outside area that is accessible at all times, with a mud kitchen and water wall along with many more learning features.

As we have trained staff in Forest School we also introduce this learning approach to our babies at a level they understand and discover the world around them, it is our aim to provide quality outdoor learning to your children on our Acorn room along with traditional learning techniques to enhance their experience with us in our intimate setting.

The room has its own kitchenette, where bottles are prepared and a changing area where we change the babies according to their daily routine.

We use a separate room within the nursery for sleeping, which is a dedicated area for the babies. We have cots with mattresses and each child has their own bedding to ensure the utmost hygiene procedures are adhered to.